Joining Mindful Moments

Joining in with Mindful Moments couldn’t be easier. This space is here as a resource for anyone celebrating something positive in their world, or who wants to find hope that things can get better.

Here are a few pieces of information to help:
  1. Please share something that brings you sunshine over the course of the link up. If you have found it a difficult month perhaps there is something you are looking forward to next month that you would like to share.
  2. Your posts can take any form. Long form writing, poetry, or a list. Photography, art or craft. Even a song, video or quote. Credit work as required please, and ensure you have permission to post images that include others.
  3. Spread the positivity far and wide. There are so many great memes out there. Please link up to any that you feel fit your post.
  4. Use the link up post each month to share your work. Also, if you use twitter please follow Mindful Moments and tag your posts with #mindfulmoments
  5. Check out other peoples work. Like, comment and share away! (See note 3)
  6. Please be considerate of others and focus on positivity, gratitude and silver linings.
  7. My aim is that this is a space where people can be open about their own experiences of mental health and wellbeing. Disrespectful posts and comments will be removed at my discretion, though I am sure this won’t be necessary. Please contact me for more information.
  8. Please use the badge below to link back to the meme site when joining in with the Mindful Moments link ups.
  9. Finally, and most importantly, have fun!
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