Shame Is A Soul Eating Emotion

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The optional theme for June is “shame is a soul eating emotion.”  But before I talk about that I would like to thank everyone who linked up with Be Fearlessly Authentic.  Please do go and check out the posts, I’m certain that comments and likes will be much appreciated.

Which brings me round to the prompt for June.

The post that stood out for me in May was What is a slut? from Morag’s Musings. In her post she shares how being fearlessly authentic has led to her growth in so many ways.

There, I’ve said it, I am a slut and, frankly, I’m actually quite proud of it.  Not so much of the number per se, but from the fact that my wanton promiscuity has taught me a shitload about who I am and has made me the person I am today.  I wouldn’t be the Morag I am if I hadn’t become a slut.

And why shouldn’t she be proud? Many of us live in a world where sexual liberation is welcomed. But sheltered in the sex blogging community we are lucky. There is still a lot of judgement around promiscuity in the wider world. For women, at least. And with judgement comes shame.

“Shame is a soul eating emotion.”

I’ve used this quote from Jung as this month I would like you to think about shame. Have your nearest and dearest tried to shame you for a lifestyle choice? How did you feel? Did their judgements have the desired effect and shame you to change? Or did you decide to follow your feet, embrace your choices, be fearlessly authentically you! How did you manage this? What advice could you give to those around you who are struggling with the cycle of shame?

There are many ways that people choose to cast judgement, and for many different reasons. While Morag’s post got me thinking about Slut Shaming, I am reminded of many different lifestyle choices which others like to find fault in. Perhaps your diet is different? Or your exercise habits go against the grain? The way we raise our children, dress ourselves, even the brand of mobile phone… all up for discussion by opinionated others.

While I would love to hear your thoughts on shame and, hopefully, turning your back on it, the prompt is optional, so please link up any posts that are linked to mental health.

And, if you have found your way here but don’t feel like sharing, please do have  a read of the posts on offer. Any likes or comments will, I’m sure, be welcomed.

But that’s not all.

For me this space is as much about having somewhere to come back to and reflect on the silver linings when times are challenging. Hopefully we can make it into a treasure trove of positivity? A gratitude journal for us all to share and benefit from.

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