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The optional theme for May “Be Fearlessly Authentic.”  But before I talk about that I would like to thank everyone who linked up with From April Showers Spring May Flowers.  The reflective posts were a real insight into the minds of others. A strong reminder this month on how one size certainly does not fit all, especially in regards to mental health! It is also nice to see fantasy kicking in now that restrictions are easing, I think we can all relate to the desire to get back to normal, however that may look for us. Please do go and check out the posts, I’m certain that comments and likes will be much appreciated.

So, May’s theme is “Be Fearlessly Authentic.”

I was particularly taken with the guest interview shared by May More to mindful moments last month. Mila Dolly discusses her life with such clarity, the challenges she faces and the impact that others judgements have had on her.

At eighteen, I changed my field of study and started a new school. The first day of school was also the first day for me as a woman. And from that day on, I was a woman in every situation. It was such an inconspicuous beginning.

Here is a woman who has had to make radical life changes in order to be accepted for the person she is. And yet she embraces those changes because the only thing that scares her is being stuck in the wrong body forever. The quote I’ve shared here got me thinking about the cost of authenticity.

Indeed, is it even possible to be fearlessly authentic?

Even for the most self-assured, confident person among us, there will have been a time where we had to break those bonds of expectation. Where we have had to pay a price for being that which we truly are. What challenges have you faced? How have you navigated those stormy waters? What do you do to safeguard yourself from the harsh judgement of others? Was there a moment when you were able to just embrace yourself, unapologetically?

Or perhaps this isn’t something you are able to do yet? Is there a change you would like to implement, but face challenges which are currently insurmountable? If you would like to share this with us please do. I often find working through things in type helps me to start to feel more courageous, or to plan a way forward.

If you have found your way here but don’t feel like sharing, please do have  a read of the posts on offer. Any likes or comments will, I’m sure, be welcomed.

But that’s not all.

For me this space is as much about having somewhere to come back to and reflect on the silver linings when times are challenging. Hopefully we can make it into a treasure trove of positivity? A gratitude journal for us all to share and benefit from.

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