From April Showers Spring May Flowers

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The optional theme for April is “From April Showers Spring May Flowers”. But before I talk about that I would like to thank everyone who linked up for This Storm Shall Pass. We had some dark, yet poignant erotica, a number of fascinating posts on music as therapy, tips on increasing libido, and some reflective posts on life in lockdown. There were two new faces to the link up too, which is always exciting to see.  Please do go and check out the posts, I’m certain that comments and likes will be much appreciated.

So, April’s theme is “From April Showers Spring May Flowers.”

Inspired, not just by the turning of the season and inevitable weather (in the UK, anyway) but by a post linked up last month. Mila shared her journey to restoring trust in others, and I was reminded of this quote while reading her words.

“She showed me that I can indeed trust her and that I don’t have to lose faith in everyone just because people have treated me badly before.”

Her April showers were the people who broke her trust, her confidence. But the May flowers are the wonderful experiences that come from her vulnerability and building evidence that not everyone is going to behave so badly towards her.

We are not defined by our pasts, and all have the potential for growth.

Has a past experience given you the springboard to leap to new heights? To achieve things beyond what you ever achieved possible? How have you done this? I want to hear about your hopes, dreams, fears and expectations. If you are struggling to find your next step up, I would love to hear about where you’re at now. Perhaps in a few months or years you can return to the posts and see how far you have come.

As always, if you’re not ready to share then please, pour yourself a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) pull up a chair, and get inspired.

But that’s not all.

For me this space is as much about having somewhere to come back to and reflect on the silver linings when times are challenging. Hopefully we can make it into a treasure trove of positivity? A gratitude journal for us all to share and benefit from.

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