About Mindful Moments

Welcome to Mindful Moments.

I have created Mindful Moments as a space where I can refer back to positive moments at times when I am struggling. A place to reflect on the evidence that things can, and usually do, turn out ok. Also somewhere to celebrate the positives and lessons when things are going well.

I am a strong believer that “feelings are meant to be felt“. I embrace the challenges that I encounter, often with the support of a friend. As a naturally positive person I generally find the lesson in those dark times, or find a silver lining. Being mindful of these as I pass through negativity helps me to come out the other side. It has increased my resilience in the face of adversity.

What inspires my mindful moments?

In May 2020 I stumbled across a journal entry on fetlife that hit home. It was called “Spreading pussies and positivity” and featured an ever growing number of users sharing motivational quotes in various states of undress. My addition “Be A Rainbow” was shared to A Leap of Faith that weekend.

During lockdown I stumbled across #ThreeThings on Clear Eyed Girl’s twitter account and found this a simple way to take stock of the little things that can brighten my day.

There are also times when I take myself out under the big sky, to get back to nature and feel calm. My phone is full of images that give me hope, such as this one. Taken on a day when I was finding the world a bit challenging.

A Mindful moment for the barefoot sub. While paddling in the shallows at the beach on a recent dark day.

I hope that this is a space where others would like to join in as they feel able. Referring back to shared posts when a little boost is needed is part of why I’ve created this space. With this in mind I would love to see your posts in whatever form they take. Including, but not limited to photography, journal entry, poems, lists, even product reviews! If you don’t have a blog but would like to share then please get in touch. I will add you as a guest post.

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